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10 Easy Steps To Make Your Garden The Place To Be This Spring

Jack Trainor 12/09/2016

Throughout the warmer months, we love to spend as much time as we possibly can outdoors soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. Having a backyard is the best way to do just that, you can sit and relax, entertain friends with BBQs, play games with your children and enjoy the beauty of nature. Your garden can really be a place of peace, relaxation and enjoyment.

Winter, however, can put a delay on this. It can take a toll on the outdoor area of our homes. The cold weather tends to kill plants, grow unwanted weeds and create a mess of mud or dirt. Your garden can end up looking more like an overgrown jungle than your private oasis and you may feel less inclined to enjoy the warmth of spring and summer.

In order to fix this problem, you need to tackle the challenge head on. But where do you start? There's mud all over the deck, overgrown trees blocking your path, weeds sprouting everywhere, not to mention the unsightly appearance of your bushes and grass. Well we’ve come up with a list of simple steps you can follow to turn your backyard into a picture of natural beauty that all your friends and family will love:


Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Tools

Ensuring you have the correct tools to tackle garden jobs is important. Without using tools, garden work can become and long and strenuous task. So make sure your shed is filled with a variety of tools and equipment that will make gardening a breeze. For even more convenience, choose electric power equipment online, it’s affordable and will make life much easier.


Remove Any Unwanted Features

Once you have all the tools for the job, the best way to get a start is to remove those pesky, unwanted weeds and any plants that are overgrown or dead. Weeds and pest plants are ugly and obstruct the growth of new plant life by stealing the nutrients of those plants around them making it a tough task to grow fresh flowers, trees, herbs or even grass.


Give Your Grass The Salon Treatment

No, we’re not talking about using shampoo and conditioner. But we are talking about keeping it tame. Keep your grass looking fresher than ever with regular cutting, fertiliser for optimal growth and regular watering. Lawn mower sales happen regularly online and there are some great ways to keep your grass in check. You’ll want to lay out for hours where the grass is always green.


Choose Plants In Season

By selecting plants that are in season, you give your garden the opportunity to look the best it possibly can be. Blooming flowers, fruit trees and bushes add a multitude of colours and aromas to your garden. These will make your garden look and feel amazing.


Give Your Plants The Best Growth

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Natural elements including water and sunlight are essential for any plant. But have you thought about nutrients in the soil? To ensure your plants are going to look their very best, mulch is a great way to improve soil fertility, retain moisture and prevent weed growth. Make your very own natural mulch with an electric mulcher. You can get rid of any unwanted or dead trees and use their remains to grow new plant life.


Neaten Your Hedges

Any magnificent garden has its hedges kept in perfect shape. Keep them looking smooth and structured with pole hedge trimmers that allow you to reach inconvenient places whilst giving you the power and efficiency of a professional gardener. You can even create your own shapes or looks to add an intriguing look to your garden.


Keep Those Lines Tidy

Cutting corners in your garden work can easily affect the look of your landscape. If you want the very best for your garden, pay attention to the minor details. You can make your garden look amazing by simply trimming evenly and ensuring nature is maintained on a consistent level. Keep edges trim and give your garden the professional touch with the help of electric bush cutters.


Use Trendy Pots & Containers

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Give your garden a neat touch using different pots and plant containers that not only keep your garden tidy and interesting. Swing away from the traditional terracotta pot and find alternative ways to store plants like home features such as light bulbs. There are some intriguing new designs that can add an exciting twist to your garden, so think outside the box.


Shine Some Light

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Don’t limit your garden's beauty to only half of the day. Let it shine at night as well as during the day with lighting displays. Whether it’s smaller fairy lights, solar powered lights for pathways, or patio lights, you can illuminate your garden on warm evenings for even more enjoyment.


Keep A Clean Place To Sit

You must have a place to sit and admire your garden. How else will you get to appreciate the hard work you have done? By making sure you have a clean area to sit, it gives you a great place to lounge out and relax, share a drink with some friends or work in a natural setting. You’ll never want to leave if you have a tidy area to chill out in.


Follow these easy steps and make your garden the place no one will want to leave this spring time.

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