2 Simple Workouts For Your Little One

Zaina Parekh 17/08/2016

When people think of a happy tummy, the first thought that comes to mind is food! As adults, we can voice out whether we have enough food in our systems or not, if we’re feeling uneasy, or if we need to go for a walk or to the gym to burn some extra food off.

What about the little ones? We can’t send them to the gym or on a walk - how will they burn up all that food and have a happy, healthy tummy? Here are 2 quick solutions!


Upper Body Workout for the Little One

No, not weights, but just play. You can very easily get your hands on a baby play gym which is basically like a play mat for your baby with a canopy of toys hanging down towards them. As the baby lays there on their back and tries to reach out and pull all the toys, unknowingly, your baby is doing an upper body workout.


Lower Body Workout for the Little One

We can’t expect the little ones to go on a walk or jog when they’re barely even walking straight, but that doesn’t mean that their lower body can’t get any exercise. There are so many baby walkers for sale these days - because parents seem to think that a walker can only be used once the baby starts walking. A walker is meant to teach your little one how to walk. In doing so, the exercise increases leg movement and voila - lower body workout done!


If fed the right food at the right age accompanied with these playful workouts, your little one’s tummy is bound to be happy. All that's left for you to do is get them a potty chair from online or a baby store and train them to create a healthy routine. A healthy diet and routine is important for anyone, no matter their age.

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