3 Amazingly Fun Kids Outdoor Activities For Spring

Coleen Paller 16/08/2016

The sun is starting to peek out even more and the temperature is rising. Spring is already on its way and people are already planning all the great things they can do outside once even warmer temperatures arrive. Don’t let your kids miss out and use these ideas as a great way to coax them outside without their devices to play.

Nothing beats traditional play outside, which is not only great for getting physically fit but it also encourages children to spend more time with nature. It is a little worrying as to how many kids nowadays are forgoing time outdoors.


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Not just any traditional biking, boost your child’s fun by getting them a premium kids ride on bike to take them farther and faster on the grass or sidewalk. This teaches them great maneuvering and driving skills that can give them a headstart on learning how to ride a proper bicycle.


Table Tennis

Don’t underestimate this seemingly miniscule game. Playing table tennis requires a lot of movement, especially when you’re running down the road or room just to fetch a stray ball. It definitely strengthens hand-eye coordination and is basically a cardio workout once you play long enough. Buy a tennis table that is perfect for the outdoors and start the fun.


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Outdoor Chess

If you have a very intellectual child who doesn’t like a lot of hustle and bustle, get them a large chess set for playing outdoors so they can practice their logical prowess with you or anyone else in their circle of family and friends. They will thank you for it.


Getting kids outside to play can seem a little challenging but the key is to provide them with unusual yet thrilling activities that will cater to their tastes.

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