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3 Bedroom Renovation Tips That Won’t Break the Budget

Daphne Ed 13/07/2015

While your lounge and dining area may be the most important areas for your guests, your bedroom is the most important space for you. When your décor starts to seem a little old or you feel you need a change, renovating can be a good option. However, those on a tight budget can’t really afford to knock down walls, lift the roof and build in a French door to the back yard. To combat the budget blues, there are a few small tips and tricks to help you get that fresh room feeling for less.

1. Create a Feature Wall

A simple and affordable way to bring a new look to your room is to splash some colour to your walls. Choose one of your walls to paint a bright colour and hang a simple picture to complement. Colours such as green and blue can be calming, while a bright red can create a passionate and inviting space.

When choosing matching wall art, select a large print or several smaller ones to create a feature piece. An affordable option is to use existing family photos or frequent the local op shop and garage sales to find a cheap and unique piece. Make sure you choose a piece that complements the colour of your wall but does not overpower your room with colour.

2. Purchase Your Items at the Right Price

The best way to update the style of your room without spending a fortune is to purchase when things are on sale. While this method may take longer than you simply changing things over in one weekend, it will help you to avoid overspending. Check catalogues and pamphlets for everything from a mattress sale to a sale on book ends. Eventually what you will be searching for will lower in price and you will be able to keep within your budget whilst still getting the décor you are after.

3. Consider New Linen and Accessories

A cheap way to dress up your room and add a fresh feel is with some new linen or cushions. Adding some coloured cushions and a throw rug to your bedding can not only make your bed seem more inviting but also adds a new design element to your space. If you choose to add a feature wall, pair the cushions with your selected colour. Different shades of the same or similar colour can add another feature to your space.

While these three tips are not a comprehensive list of all you can do with a small budget, they are a great place to start

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