3 Cool New Tools To Replace Your Old Ones With

Zaina Parekh 10/10/2016

Are you one of those people who loves everything DIY? Be it reflooring your entire home, or fixing the broken doors and cabinets in the kitchen, or making your own furniture even. You just feel like doing-it-yourself makes it more personalised and unique. It also gives you a new project to work on every now and then so you’re never left sitting idle or bored.

Sometimes though, it gets tough and tiring. Especially when building big and heavy furniture or fixing a heavy door. We only have two hands, but sometimes we try to do tasks that requires six.

These cool new tools will make even the more tedious DIY tasks more efficient.


#1. Screw Guns

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An old school screwdriver is the most common tool we find in every house. Tightening or loosening hinges on doors and windows. Opening up the electricity unit to flip a tripped switch. Joining pieces of wood or metal together to make bed or chair or table. A screwdriver is the most commonly used tool. But what happens when you have to tighten the hinge of a big door? You use one hand to hold the door in place and the other to use all your strength to quickly put the screw in. With a screwdriver gun though, you can balance the amount of effort you put into the two tasks. Use your strong hand to hold the door still and the other to place the gun on the screw and just press a button. No more pressure and turning, just aiming and pressing.


#2. Tile Cutters

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We’ve all seen movies where the protagonist’s introduction shot is of him slicing some wood or cutting tiles. Then the shot zooms in on his muscles to emphasize how strong and well built he is. In reality though, you don’t have to be that strong to cut tiles or slice wood. Especially not if you buy a tile cutter online. This tool makes cutting, slicing and shaping hard surfaces like tiles and wood an easy task. Instead of having to use both your strength in cutting and accuracy in measurement at the same time, just focus on the accuracy and let the tool use its own strength. Cut your tiles in the shape you like, so you can personalise them as opposed to the usual square tiled floors and walls.


#3. Oscillating Multi Tool

When you make your own furniture, what do you consider the most annoying task? Cutting the wood, shaping the wood, smoothing the surfaces? You first use a saw to cut the wood, then another tool to shape it, then sandpaper to give it a good finish. If it’s more that one material you are using, then you need that many more tools. However, with an oscillating multi tool, you can cut, grind, polish, rasp, sand, saw and scrape materials without having to keep switching between tools. Complete every DIY task with this do-it-all device without any hassle.


Upgrade your tools today and make DIY activities that much more efficient. For all you know, if your friends and family see how easily you get everything done with these cool new tools, they might be encourage to help you the next time you decide to build something yourself!

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