3 Easy Steps To Turn A Rusty Shed Into Your New Cottage

Coleen Paller 25/07/2016

A rusty garden shed doesn’t always have to be just a storage place for your gardening equipment. With effective creative ideas and some strategically placed decor elements, you can easily turn a shed into a cozy cottage space that you can relax in. It will be a home away from home that happens to be just a few steps away.

The main ideas to be aware of is to have a theme, have a proper shed for it, and to make sure that you have all the essentials for a short stay.


Choose Your Type of Shed

Make sure to select a shed based on the look that you would want. The most customisable and colourful type of shed is an outdoor plastic shed, while small wooden garden sheds have a very natural and countryside feel. You can find steel garden sheds for sale if you prefer a more structured and modern look. Don’t forget that if you don’t like the colour of your shed, you can always paint the sections before putting it together.


Choose A Design Theme

Many people tend to just buy furniture and paint in complementary colors to decorate any space, without much thought for themes. Decide on a theme that you will be consistent with when you decorate your shed space. There are many common themes with inspiring ideas you can easily find on the internet. Vintage, nautical, modern and even minimal themes are all very aesthetic options you can choose.


Get The Right Essentials

It may seem like just another comfy room in your home, but your cottage room will not have the same insulation and build as your house. Make sure to keep the area comfortable, through having essentials such as heating/cooling appliances and somewhere to relax on. This can either be a bed, a sofa bed or a luscious couch. Who knows, you may want to stay over every now and then for a little getaway.


Not only is a cottage shed an amazing little getaway for you, but it will be the perfect place to receive guests and your closest friends- they will be sure to compliment it. It can also provide that cozy privacy for when you’re wanting some time alone from the house.

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