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3 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home From Aussie Experts

MyDeal Team 27/10/2016


Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is easier to be up and moving about in our houses. It is also an amazing opportunity to reorganize and declutter your home so that it will look amazing once you invite guests over for little summer gatherings. But where do you start? When it comes to decluttering solutions, our home aussie experts might be able to help with their handy tips.

Have you considered these ideas?



1. Concentrate on de-cluttering and installing effective storage and design solutions. - Andrea Ranson, Australian Manager of Leblon Outdoor Design

“Create harmony by de-cluttering and invest in retreat/resort-styled outdoor furniture. Whether your outdoor area is large or small, country, city or coastal, you should feel like you have created an oasis. Look at the pieces that you may already have and freshen it up. Vintage teak is enduring, passed from generation to generation and can be easily cleaned and freshened showcasing its natural beauty.

Simply give your teak product (whether new or old) a light sand (fine grade sand paper, sanding with the direction of the grain not against it) and apply 2-3 coats of clear furniture, teak or decking oil readily obtainable from any local hardware store. Repeat this process every 6-12 months depending on weather exposure and remembering premium teak is MADE to be exposed to the elements.

Premium quality teak is easily cared for. You can either do nothing at all and it weather evenly and beautifully until it takes on the distinguished silver patina (colour) celebrated for centuries. Or you can elect to maintain the natural honey colour of raw teak with ease. Surface stains are easily removed with easy sanding. Red cordial, Red wine, BBQ fats and oils, waxes can all be removed without impacting the structural integrity of the teak.

Many teak lovers will have an old Shed or piece of Teak furniture passed from one generation to another. Simply sand the piece back (hand, palm or electric sanders) or if you are confident with a water blaster – gently blast the surface being careful not to gouge the timber. To hasten the process you can mix water in a bucket with Finish Dishwashing Powder and the surface will be readily cleaned.”

About Leblon

Leblon Outdoor Design is a leading Australian-owned premium quality outdoor furniture company. Leblon prides themselves on delivering excellence in outdoor furniture and accessories that combine style and comfort. Leblon selects only the finest, classic and enduring timbers and combines these with contemporary materials such as anodised aluminium, stainless steel, textilene and polyweave. All pieces are thoughtfully crafted and designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions while being aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and enduring.

Leblon cares about the customer’s design vision, the quality of the product and the environment. Timbers are carefully selected with this in mind.

Classic, contemporary and minimalist European designs feature and it is the Leblon design teams mission to create unique pieces that will stand the test of time both in terms of durability and styling.

Leblon believes in the philosophy that form follows function and that from elegant design comfort is inherently born.

Beautiful pieces of furniture should naturally be comfortable and all Leblon pieces adhere to this idea and standard.

Leblon furniture is distinguished, beautiful and designed to last.

2. Declutter and keep it modern. - Direct2U Furniture

“If you haven’t used something over the past year…why keep it. You now have access to the best priced items ever…so why keep and outdated décor. Out with the old, and in with the new!”

About Direct2U Furniture

Direct2U Furniture is a supplier of modern and replica furniture who sell direct from the factory to the consumer. With some of the most competitively priced furniture on the Australian market, they like to ensure the customer receive great items at a great price.

3. If you haven't used it in the last 12 months - donate, sell or throw it out! - Daniel Buckley, Owner of The House of Mouth

About The House of Mouth

The House of Mouth stocks speciality teeth whitening products at genuinely discounted prices. They stock the same professional products usually only available for purchase from your local dentist. They do not import cheap inferior products and pride ourselves on supplying the top brands within the Oral Health Industry e.g Pola, Opalescence, Zoom, Piksters, Colgate, Oral B and Philips. Unlike competitors, they are backed by registered oral health practitioners offering professional after market support and advice. Forget the dentist and save!

Start being proud of a neat and beautiful home with less clutter and mess today with these tips. The main idea is to simply take it one step or one room at time, so give these tips a go and say hello to a prettier house.

What are you personal experiences and tips in decluttering?

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