3 Fun Ideas For Your Kids’ Swing Set

Coleen Paller 27/09/2016

When it comes to entertaining our children and providing an interactive play experience, sometimes it is truly better to go the natural way and invest in outdoor play. If your children are very used to their devices and technological entertainment, it can be quite difficult to gain their interest with more natural forms of play that involve plenty more physical activity.

This can act as a healthy exercise as well, so it is vital that we find more ways to interest children in playing outside and one of the most viable ideas is to set up home playground equipment. But what if your child finds it boring and similar to the equipment they see in restaurants, schools and parks? It’s time to put a spin on traditional outdoor play equipment, beginning with the most common one of all, swings.


Skateboard Swing

When considering swings for kids, try to go beyond the motion of sitting down and simply being pushed back and forth. You can make swings shaped as skateboard boards or even use an old one that you’ve even taken apart and drill holes into it, then you can attach it to your swing setting However, make sure that the ropes are set to have extra handles on each side, so there will be safe handholds. They can then swing safely standing up!


Log Piece Or Tire

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Make your swing set an iconic look by getting a single tire or a piece of cut log that has been smoothed and varnished and attach the swing robe straight around or through the middle. It makes for an entertaining swing that has more of a vintage, rusty vibe.


Traditional, Safe Swing

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If you have a younger child who probably can’t stand on a skateboard swing or cling onto a log or tyre safely, then it is best to go the traditional way. Choose a traditional chair-shaped swing that has been premade (or you can make it yourself as a DIY project) that you can attach the swing ropes to. Make sure to test it first in store or check the measurements so that your child will fit snugly and securely in it.


Put a new spin on traditional outdoor play and don’t be afraid to get creative. Soon your children will be asking you for the chance to go out and play once again if they see it as a unique type of fun.

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