3 Great Mother’s Day Gifts That Can’t Go Wrong!

Patrick Hurley 2/05/2016

Mother’s Day is one of my favourite day of the year! I love getting the family around to our house, having a nice roast lunch together and just watching my mum’s enjoyment of opening her gifts.

I love getting mum a gift that shows love and that some thought has gone into purchasing it. Whether she may use the item in daily life, or I bought it because it suits her, as long as she's happy, I’m happy. I have picked 3 of my very own picks that I would purchase for my mum this year.

1. Electric Heated Throw Blanket (with 9 heat setting)

This just sounds like heaven. We all have days where we just don’t want to get out of bed because it is just way too cold. Now with Winter around the corner, these days are coming quicker and we need help to keep warm without being stuck in our bed. The heated throw blanket is perfect to keep incredibly warm, and comfortable whilst in your lounge room.

2. Fabric/ Leather Bench Storage Ottomans

There is nothing than keeping warm on a cold day, then having your feet up on a cold day. With choices between leather or fabric and over 9 different styles to choose from, storage ottomans are a perfect combination between keeping your mother relaxed, and keeping bits and pieces in a large and solid storage compartment. (i.e: This would be an exceptional accompaniment with the Heated Throw Blanket previously mentioned.)

3. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Mist Purifier Diffuser

Something that our mums need in their lives is something that is going to keep them calm and relax. The Mist Purifier Diffuser uses a mixture of water and essence oils that releases an indulgent fresh fragrance. This can be set to work continuously throughout the day, or on intervals, so your mum can enjoy the soothing and calming presence whenever she desires.

These are just some of the incredible picks that MyDeal has to offer for our special Mother’s Day Picks. Our large variety of products from kitchen appliances, home decor and garden supplies are available for purchase at MyDeal.com.au. Have a look at some of our amazing buys for Mother's Day, and have fun shopping.

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