3 Innovative Ways You Can Mix Learning And Outdoor Play For Your Kids

Coleen Paller 8/08/2016

More often than not, play has little learning value when it comes to many kids’ toys and devices. The truth is there are many apps and technology that can still incorporate learning into play. Of course, there are also many techniques and routine you can practise that will successfully integrate learning with your kids’ playtime.

There are many kids’ toys and activities, both large and small, that can have educational potential. Here are some ideas for you to keep in mind the next time your child is outside playing. Make every playtime count.


Cubby Houses

While some would argue playing pretend house can be quite educational, there are more layers to it. You can teach your children more about crafts by making things for the kids’ wooden cubby house. This can be anything from sewing throw pillows, making small chairs, creating paintings and posters for display to even moulding clay for decor pots. This will teach your kids practical, creative skills.



Sandpits for kids have so much potential, even if they seem so simple at a first glance. For younger kids, sandpits (especially with water and wet sand) are perfect for them to mould and learn about different 3D shapes. Use them to help your child identify, by touch and visually, different 3D shapes and test them on their knowledge by prompting them to create the right shapes you request. You can also use the sand and measuring cups as a way to teach them about measuring, which will come in handy when they work with cooking, baking and even chemistry in the future.


Outdoor Learning Apps

If your child likes to take walks or is often in the pram when you run errands yourself, they can definitely learn even if they are just sitting there. There are many learning apps for smartphones and tablets that help them use the camera and learn about the outside world by identifying and providing easy information. Check out apps like Pines To Vines and Compass, and make sure to look for prams on sale that will have a small armrest so that your child will have somewhere to place their device.


Educating your children during playtime seems tricky at first. But once you have a few techniques and routines in place, they will always walk away from outdoor playtime having learned something new.

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