3 Jobs For Winter Gardening

Brooke Lindsay 2/08/2016

Winter isn’t really the perfect time of year to be sitting in your garden. Chilly mornings and nights means we’re more inclined to be found under the doona or huddled by the fire .You might spend a bit of time in the garden whilst you’re dashing from your front door to the car in the morning. But have you actually taken notice of how your garden is doing? The cold and grey winter months can be just as hard on your plants as it is on you.

If you take notice, you may realise your roses looking a bit tattered and weather-worn. Or your garden may have virtually shut down to try and survive the winter months. Winter in Australia can be a very beautiful and finding the time to do a spot of gardening can be very therapeutic. Studies have shown that a strain of bacterium in soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, has been found to trigger the release of seratonin, which in turn elevates mood and decreases anxiety. With that in mind, here are 3 jobs for some fun winter gardening.

1. Raking The Leaves

I have fond memories of raking up all the leaves during winter, just to jump in them and ruin all our hard work! This winter gardening job can be fun and involve the whole family. It can become a weekend family activity to get everyone outdoors. Over winter, leaves, bark, sticks and twigs accumulate in your garden, on the lawn, on patios and verandas. You can rake everything up into a pile to create a compost heap for your scraps. This can turn into a mulch heap, full of nutrients that are great for your garden.

If you’re looking for a faster way to maintain your garden and get out of the cold, you can purchase power equipment online. A leaf blower will get the job done in no time at all so you’ll be back inside drinking hot cups of cocoa.

2. Pruning

While your plants may seem bare and lifeless, you can help them get through the cold winter months a lot easier. Removing dead growth or crowded growth will create new life in your garden. Try to avoid pruning your garden in late winter. Some plants won’t be able to recover after being damaged.

Crowded growth can start to overwhelm your backyard area and garden. Large trees, shrubs, climbers and other hard to reach areas of your garden may be forgotten about. A great idea is to find a chainsaw for sale online, to help with pruning and tidying up your back and front yard. Power equipment like pressure washers are great for getting things done quickly and efficiently outdoors.

3. Potted Plants

Potted plants are great for a number of reasons. You can choose an array of colourful plants to brighten up your patio or garden area and they can be a lot easier to maintain. Depending on the weather and the type of flower you can plant, being potted is a great way for small plants to thrive on their own. Being able to move them means you can constantly change the look and design of your yard without any hassle.

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