3 Long Lasting Solutions To Unpleasant Odors Around The Home

Zaina Parekh 11/10/2016

Do you feel like your home constantly has a foul smell? No matter how much incense you burn, how many air fresheners you have plugged in or the fact that you keep the windows open for circulation. The smell tends to linger around making the atmosphere very unpleasant. You hesitate to call friends and family over because you don’t want them to notice it, which can be embarrassing.


The bad news is that any number of things can cause an unpleasant smell around the home, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of the odor. Besides the obvious unpleasant smell, the gases, specifically methane can actually be flammable in large quantities and breathing it in can be hazardous to your health.

Here are three long lasting solutions to this concurrent problem.


#1. Sewage Pumps

Every home has a sewage line that connects all the sinks and toilets to the underground sewage system. These lines take the waste from inside the home to the collection facility in your area. Sometimes however, these lines tend to get blocked due to excessive load. This then causes too much pressure in the lines, causing them to crack and allowing the odor to escape back into the house. This is one of the root causes of unpleasant smells inside the home. One simple way of controlling the flow of waste in the pumps is with the use of a pump controller. You can find sewage pumps for sale in all plumbing stores and even online. Installing this will allow you to set the right pressure of movement in your piping system so that the pipes don’t overload and cause the cracks. No cracks, results in no odor. Consult your plumber is you are unsure of the installation process or how the pressure should be set.


#2. Bilge Pumps

Another cause of offensive smells around the home could be waste collection in the water pipes. Water is stored in tanks (usually underground) and transferred into your home through a piping system. These tanks tend to foster algae, moss, and other microbial organisms. The filter system dispenses these organisms from pouring through the tap in your home, but odor is a gas which can seep in even through the filter. Installing a bilge water pump is a simple and efficient way of eradicating this problem. This pump has airtight features that stops gases from leaking through the filter system, minimizing odorous smells from seeping into the home.


#3. Oil Transfer Pumps

One more source of unpleasant smells around the home could be unattended oil splatters. The heating/cooling system, the stove and several other electrical appliances need and omit oil in their functioning. The oil is usually collected in a separate plumbing system and deposited to the waste sites outside the city. The catch however is in the fact that these appliances omit fluids other than oil too. When these fluids mix with the oil, they create a foul smell. You can eliminate this problem by investing in oil transfer pumps for sale. These pumps separate oils from other fluids before transferring them into the pipeline so that they do not mix.

At times, installing the above mentioned pumps could affect the speed and pressure of water you receive in your shower and sinks. If you observe this to be a recurrent trend that is causing inconvenience, you can also try installing a water pump controller that allows you to set the pressure of water you desire despite any obstructions.


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Rid your home of unforeseen and uncontrollable smells so that the incense you burn and the air freshener you use can make the home fragrant, as opposed to having to fight odorous smells. Be comfortable in your own home, and rest assured that guests will have no complains either.

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