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3 Must-Have Designs To Transform Your Living Room

Coleen Paller 26/07/2016

Your living room is where you accept your guests and is usually the first area of your house that will be seen by anyone visiting. It’s important to keep it lively and attractive to the eye, as when people have a great first impression through your living room, they will tend to think well of your house already.

There are a few key elements that are important when it comes to decorating your living room. These key elements are the main parts of your living room that are most obvious to anyone who enters the area. Make sure that these areas are tastefully decorated or aesthetically designed at the very least to brighten your living room.


1. Suitable, Elegant Sofa

Your sofa is where your guests will spend most of their time. Whether you opt for a leather or fabric option, make sure there is plenty of space and that the designs are sleek but comfortable. The best options are a 3 seater faux leather sofa if you want to be economical or fabric three seat sofas if you don’t like maintaining leather. Avoid white couches if you want to minimise cleaning efforts or if you have children that can easily stain them.


2. Ambient Lighting System

Don’t be boring and just opt for a single plain lighting source. Install lighting as a center feature that comes in a design or as floor lamps. As for a center light, popular options are hanging lights that are enclosed in colourful lanterns or murals for an artistic, modern feel. If you want a more traditional and laid back setting, situate floor lamps on certain corners of the room to have an ambient light setting.


3. Classy Centerpiece

Grab your guests’ attention with an amazing centerpiece. This could be a small statue, figure or an impressive vase that can sit on one wall or on top of the living room table. Aside from looking at the couch or lights, their eyes should be drawn to the centerpiece as well.


No matter what you choose for your living room decor, keep these important elements in mind and focus on them so that you can maximise the aesthetic of your living room.

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