3 Power Tools To Borrow For Your Projects

Zaina Parekh 28/09/2016

People assume that power tools are only for handymen. They are there for fixing door knobs or shaping tiles and installing them. The truth is, power tools can also be used for school or university projects. Especially for art and design, architecture and engineering students. Don’t be afraid of ransacking your father or partner’s toolbox or garage and playing around with some of the tools to add a fine touch to your project.


Welders Help Mold Metal Into Any Shape You Like

Many times we want to use the actual material (metal for example) while making models of our projects, but paper, a hot glue gun, and lots of tape just sounds easier. It is also messier and more time consuming though, making sure the paper sticks properly and cleaning up the sticky glue that drips off the hot glue gun. All the while we are making sure the tape is coated properly and so on. Who knew using metal instead would actually be easier? Simply look for welders for sale to melt the edges of the metal strips and stick them together. Mold and shape the metal the way you desire without having to worry about the sticky glue or fragile paper that tears easily. Put together a model of what the real sculpture or building would look like and impress everyone.

Mig welders are the most frequently used welders as they are easy to learn and use, safe and easy to maintain and store. This would be the ideal tool for molding and joining metal strips of several densities without a fuss.


Working With Granite, Stone Or Marble Is Easier With A Grinder

Art students, especially sculptors very often have to use hard stones to create the right surface or add texture to their masterpiece. You no longer have to struggle with a hammer or in some cases even a sledgehammer. Just borrow the cordless angle grinder from the toolbox and smooth away. Get that perfectly smooth texture even on stone without having to use too much muscle. The grinder is wireless so you don’t have to worry about any obstructions either. Finish your project sooner than expected and pocket the preferred grades and results.


Use An Air Compressor And Let The Air Around You Do Your Work

Air isn’t just for breathing, it can be used to minimize the amount of time and effort you put into your projects. Portable air compressors can be used for all sorts of tasks. Turn it into a paint sprayer so you don’t have to sit and hand paint every inch of the sculpture by hand. Connect the compressor to a nail gun and zip logs or panels together with one click as opposed to using a hammer and nails and all that effort.

With school, university and workplace becoming more challenging and expectations rising, it’s time to work smart instead of working hard.

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