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3 Products That Will Spice Up a Bland Kitchen

Patrick Hurley 20/06/2016

When you’re looking to buy your first home, you quickly realise that the two main rooms that sell houses are the bathroom and the kitchen. There is more of a chance that you’ve purchased your home based on the design and interior of the bathroom or kitchen. However, after a while, it does come a time where you look at the room and realize you need a change.

Kitchens tend to be one of the most frequently renovated rooms in your home. It might be the design of the area, or the style used in the area, but there comes a time when change is needed. However, being incredibly busy with children, our occupations and extra-curricular activities can make your kitchen renovation the last thing to do on a very long list. Especially if monetary funds are an issue.

Kitchen renovations can be very expensive, and can be a long process when you are dealing with different suppliers and tradies working together. To give your kitchen a new look may not mean completely renovate, but just spice it up. Here are three products that could do that:

1) Retro Cake Stand Mixer

The stainless steel cake stand mixer is a great way to bring a different design and look to your kitchen. Available in retro colours such as classic pink, and blue these mixers draw your attention towards the kitchen without overpowering the space. A great addition to kitchen, and there is no better time to start baking cakes, muffins and scones then during the Winter season.

2) LED Glass Kettle

This innovative twist on a classic kitchen appliance gives a unique look for boiling water. It’s an amazing thing to see this clear glass kettle heat up water in a matter of minutes. With a cool design, and blue LED light indicator adds a cool effect to this already awesome product.

3) Hot Air Popcorn Maker

This cool popcorn maker is made in a small, retro design that would look incredible in any kitchen space. The hot air cooking system enables the grains to cook quickly without added oils and fats to the mix. You simply get hot, fresh popcorn dispensed straight into a bowl for your enjoyment.

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