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3 Quick, Creative Storage Ideas To Upgrade Your Barroom

Coleen Paller 1/08/2016

The excitement of a new barroom or even the idea of redecorating an existing one can definitely get to our heads. If you only have a small space for a mini bar or you’d simply like to have tasteful storage solutions for display, then this is the right place for a few ideas. The main aspect behind storing drinks and other essentials for a mini bar is in the name- mini.

Keep your mini bar truly compact and you’ll always have plenty of space for yourself and even a few guests. Alternatively you can use the extra space for installing more features such as surround sound, extra tables and even an entertainment system for your barroom. You’ll be feeling grateful that you made an effort.


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Wine Coolers

If you tend to have guests over often or at least find yourself reaching into your wine storage just to get some drinks for other rooms, you might find a wine cooler quite useful. Wine coolers don’t always have to be the traditional metal buckets that everyone has. There are new, innovative designs such as light-up buckets, plastic buckets and coolers in odd shapes. Be unique.


Wine Fridges

Make sure that your small bar fridges are the right size and style for your barroom. Often, using an old fridge is economical but at the same time it’s not a good look for your area. Choose a discount wine fridge that fits into your space well and pay attention to the right colour and surface. Metal/brown colours are better for neutral colored rooms, while bright reds and yellows better suit colourful rooms.


Wine Racks

While wine racks are great for cellars, they are also another feature you can add to your mini bar if you want to show off and proudly display your drinks collection. You can store and display more than just wine, get creative with your other drink bottles. For the ultimate convenience, place a small rack near bar stools or couches so you can reach for your drinks easily.


Don’t be afraid to be creative with your barroom. If you dare to try new ideas for storing and decorating the elements in that area, the more it will feel like your personal space. Plus, the guests will love it.

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