3 Quick Ways To Optimise Your Bed’s Warmth and Comfort

Coleen Paller 3/08/2016

When winter starts to get really cold, one of the best places that we love to be comfortable in is our bed, since it can quite a warm and relaxing experience to lay in it. Away from the cold. But what if your bed sometimes gives you the shivers too? That means your bed hasn’t been optimised to be as warm as it could be.

This could prove to be a problem, as having a cold bed not only interrupts your sleep but can also present a higher risk of you getting sick and feeling fatigued when you wake up. Make sure to keep these elements in mind to avoid chilly sleeping experiences.



Think about the doona you are using for your bed. Is it old and thinning out? It’s probably time to change to a much thicker and better doona. The softest, most comfortable options are feather doonas, as they are quite bouncy and provides great cushioning support to keep heat under the surface for longer. You might also want to opt for thicker double quilt covers- the more layers you have in bed, the warmer you’ll be. This also applies to sheets, from single, double and queen all the way to king single bed sheet sets.


Mattress Topper Material

Even if you have a soft mattress topper, no matter how soft it can be, it won’t work well to insulate you if it is the wrong thickness and material. Make sure to get a thick but firm mattress topper in a rich foam or even with fur or wool, as this is quite cosy and retains the best amount of heat possible. You can say goodbye to getting cold shivers when you’re settling into your bed during the evenings.


Electric Blanket

If you’ve done all of this and you still feel somewhat cold in bed, it might be time to resort to more artificial sources of heat. Slip an electric blanket beneath your topper for the best possible heat source if you’re relaxing under your sheets.


Getting warm doesn’t have to be a hassle. Sleep quality determines so much of our lives, and for the best quality you need the most comfortable, yet warm bed.

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