3 Simple Ideas For Getting Your Kids Outside Without Their Phones

Coleen Paller 28/07/2016

The more technology advances, the more there is to do on phones, tablets and other devices. For some parents this would be great as it keeps their children occupied and well behaved. However for others it can be a pain as their children would be more inclined to play with their devices rather than go outside and play.

It seems to be a common dilemma to parents when it comes to convincing their child to go outside and enjoy playing outdoors. To get them to do so, the idea is to be creative with any activities you would want them to do outside. Creative toys and games are the key.


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1. Hoverboards

For children who are not too keen on being active outside, one way to tempt them is to offer an easier way of getting around. A hoverboard can be a safe travel toy that anyone could use to explore longer distances with ease. Just make sure that when they do use hoverboards that there is someone supervising them if they are very young.


2. Ride-On Cars

Give your kids a taste of what driving could be like with 12v ride on cars with remote control. They could be used in many ways, both controlling and riding such a car can help them practise their hand-to-eye coordination. Plus, to fully enjoy a toy like a 12v ford ranger, which can be quite large, they would have to be outdoors.


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3. Wooden Outdoor Games

Most kids feel a burst of excitement when they see larger versions of their favourite board games outside. These can range from more intellectual games like chess and connect four to more active games like jenga and ring tosses. The more physical games can definitely be a way for children to get active and move outside. If you can, participate in these games yourself as having more players would make the experience greatly enjoyable.


The way children play have changed through the times, and games we enjoyed in the past may not necessarily be appealing to them now. Be innovative with the activities that you suggest to your kids, and soon they’ll be asking you to go outside instead.

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