3 Simple Kids’ Storage Solutions To Make Your Life Easier

Coleen Paller 3/08/2016

Living with children can definitely make the tasks of cleaning up and tidying away clutter a lot more stressful than otherwise. When the amount of toys and equipment is always growing you can’t simply get more and more storage units that would start taking up space themselves! The key is to find ingenious areas and subtle spots in your kids’ room furniture that you can use for storage without making a space seem crowded.

Then you won’t have to get more storage units until you really need to, which saves you both space and time.


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Kids' Bed Storage

It’s basically a must to get a kids’ bed with storage options underneath. Not only is this a great space saver but will prevent lots of little toys and knick knacks getting lost under the bed. This will be quite inconvenient and a hassle to retrieve, which can lead to upset children. Otherwise, forgotten items under the bed can just be a mess waiting to gather dust. Make sure to get a bed unit that has one large or two medium drawers that utilises all the space under the bed.


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Cubby House

Kids' cubby houses, when not in use, can be an amazing place to have some storage hidden within. Utilise baskets, trays and storage boxes that will contain (and even categorise) toys and then place them within cubby houses- behind walls and under windows where they would not be seen. But at the same time, they can be easily brought out when needed for play.



This sounds a little strange, but it definitely works. If your trampoline is within a covered area (or can be moved to cover), it can be a great place to store outdoor toys and boxes of items to keep them away from the ground and clear the space. Have a look at 12ft trampolines for sale as they have the best space and height- you’ll be getting an item that can be both storage and a source of play for your kids.


As great as storage units can be, having more of them spread out everywhere can make a space look clustered and small. Focus on using unusual areas and spots for your kids’ storage to make the best, clean-looking environment for your family.

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