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3 Simple Ways To Cozy Up Your Kid’s Room

Zaina Parekh 23/08/2016

As your kid grows older, he or she is bound to have an attachment to their room. They are going to start spending more and more time in there as it will be the one place that makes them feel the safest. But that doesn’t happen naturally. They need to be made to feel safe in their room, and in their home. That is the parent’s job. A scrappy room that has just the bare minimum furniture is never going to make your kid feel at home in it.

Here are a few basics that can help your child feel that warmth of home in their own room.

The most important thing to decide from the very beginning is the theme. Observe what your little one is in to. Cars? Princesses? Nemo? Transformers? It could be anything. Design their room according to their favourites and rest assured it’ll be a hit instantly. Just be consistent with all the furniture you add and make sure it all blends.



The Perfect Little Bed

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 Their bed is their cocoon. The play, they jump, they sleep, they read, they laze around - all on their bed. Finding the perfect kid's bed on sale can be tough. The mattress needs to be soft and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep but not too “springy” as the springs might wear out with all the jumping.

Pair that with soft, body shaping pillows for optimum head support and a fluffy single doona so it’s warm and cozy. Beware though, making it too cozy might mean more difficult school mornings. Make it just right.


The Cutest Closet

Most children can get a huge scolding if they left all their clothes lying around all over their room. It made the room look messy and they knew it. Nobody liked it, but of course they wouldn’t even want to clean it up. Built-In closets work really well with the little ones. They aren’t in the way, making the room look more spacious and just the concept of being able to walk into your wardrobe has a ring to it. Many children would be more keen on keeping their closet nice and clean if they had a built-in one.

Also, you don’t want them to put their shoes and clothes together. This can make the whole room stink up and you can’t really blame them - they’re kids - they tend to step into things and roll around in the mud without realising. Get a high gloss shoe cabinet to ensure shoes and clothes stay away from each other.


The Other Little Things

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Finally, consider the other little things. There are so many options of kids furniture online, you can literally let your imagination flow. Kid’s Sofas, Drawers, Toy Boxes, Tables and Chairs, Accessories, Lamps, Lights and the list goes on. Don’t overdo it because you want to keep enough free movement space in the room, but without making it too empty. Pick the nitty gritties that complement the theme of the room and will be useful for your little one at the same time.


With an awesome room like that, any kid would make it their port in the storm.

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