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3 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Bathroom

Zaina Parekh 12/08/2016

Apart from your bedroom, the second most important part of your new home is bound to be your bathroom. Waking up and walking into one with a drainage block or a leaking tap turns even the best mornings into the worst. You try to clean it up before you have to leave for work, it takes too long so you get to work late and down the drain goes your day.

Maybe it’s time to revamp that bathroom a little bit, to stop those good morning from turning bad.


Change the Shower Cubicle

Like the bed in your bedroom, the shower cubicle in your bathroom is the biggest and most prominent item. You want to get something a little fancy (so you feel like you’re showering in a hotel every morning) but not too fancy. Free standing shower cubicles are the best way to go. They are easy to fit, maneuver, install, uninstall and clean! They make sure that your bathroom doesn’t become a mini swimming pool after every shower, so you don’t have to tiptoe all the time and risk falling (because we all know how clumsy we can be).


Accessorize Your Shower Cubicle

Once the cubicle is placed, you need to equip it from the inside.
1. The Shower Head: It’s that shower in the morning that freshens you up before you leave for your long day, and that shower at night that washes the stress away. Check online for the different options of shower heads available and pick the one that fits your needs best.
2. The Drainage: Even if everything else is top notch, it won’t make a difference if the drainage doesn’t do its job. You need a shower grate that is clog-free so it drains all the water away and well fitted so it doesn’t explode. Cleaning that up, is never fun!


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Use The Remaining Spaces For Matching Accessories

  • The bathroom would look incomplete with just a shower cubicle, here are a few ways you could fill it up a little:
  • You want to complete your bathroom with a nice, classy looking but simple ceramic sink.
  • Add in a vanity cabinet or mirror for the finishing touch. This will class up the bathroom a tad bit and give you more storage space to keep all your toiletries.
  • Finish with a small automatic room freshener that goes off every hour (adjustable) and rest assured you won’t walk into any unpleasant surprises.

Let your home be your sanctuary - not your worst enemy!

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