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3 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Coleen Paller 10/08/2016

Your living room is where you entertain your guests and relax with your family (or simply by yourself!), it should be one of the most relaxing areas in your home. But as it is the ‘living room’ and it is for relaxing we tend to relax a little too much when it comes to decorating it. More often than not this results in this room looking quite drab and bland, which is the last thing you need if you want to ‘live’ in it.

You should ensure that it is not only you (and your guests) that are lively in this area, the whole design itself should be lively and unique too. Make your living room truly catch the eye with these amazing tips.


Metal Pendant Lights

Metal pendant light shades are the newest trend when it comes to lighting. They are the ultimate urban lighting look that come in many neutral and metallic shades that will surely add an edge to your living room. You don’t need a team of professionals to install most of these types of lights. Industrial glass pendant lights can easily be installed by yourself and many purchases often come with kits that have everything you need.



Does your living room seem quite scattered at times? Not only in terms of the mess (then it’s time to clean), but in terms of decor. There’s little bits and bobs here and there, and the whole look of the room doesn’t seem very coordinated or put-together. It’s probably time you pull the aesthetic of the room together and unite it with a centerpiece. Whether this is a large mural, figure or even a painting, as long as it fits your style it will add a layer of taste to your living area.


Signature Scent

Install an oil burner or even a diffuser (on higher levels if you have little ones running about) with a signature scent that compliments your living room. There are many essential oils to choose from. With the basics from lavender, geranium and even ylang-ylang, find the right mix you love and keep it burning when you are enjoying your living room to give it a cozy, unforgettable atmosphere.


Whatever style you have in mind for your living room, these tips can be customised to it. Keep them in mind and soon you’ll find yourself enjoying your living room a lot more.

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