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3 tips to achieve the ‘no-makeup’ make up look

Carmela Morales 2/03/2016

The ‘no makeup’ makeup look is the perfect look for days when you want to get all done up, without looking too done up. It’s also a nice look to have in mind for when you’re running late and don’t have the time to go through your entire makeup routine – which, let’s be honest – can be quite extensive sometimes!

1) To start things off, use a good BB cream.

It’s not as heavy as foundation, and will help you achieve a more lightweight look. If you still prefer foundation, that’s okay too! Settle for a good full coverage foundation. Sure, this might sound a little counter-intuitive because wouldn’t that make it obvious that you’re wearing makeup? But it’s all in technique.

Utilize the fact that it’s a full coverage foundation, and apply it in one thin layer. Because it’s full coverage, it should do a good job in both hiding blemishes and evening out skin tone – which is ultimately what you’re aiming for. You aren’t looking to get that flawless face when you’re doing a ‘no makeup’ look.

Using a beauty blender would also help to give a slightly sheer look.

2) You could decide to skip filling in your brows and opt for a tinted brow gel to sculpt and add some body to your eyebrows without having them be too dramatic.

Go easy on the eyes. If you really want to add some eye shadow, stick to matte or satin colours that are close to your skin tone – go a shade or two darker to add a little bit of depth in your crease. Apply some mascara to make your eyes look more open, but remember not to overdo it – you aren’t going for the spidery lashes look. You could also forego the eyeliner, or simply line your lash line to make your lash line looks thicker without drawing too much attention to your eyes.

3) Lightly contour and add some blush – just enough to bring colour back into your face.

Also, rather than going for an opaque lipstick, what about settling for a tinted lip balm? This will bring colour to your lips in a subtle way that has the added bonus of moisturizing them!


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