3 Tips to waking up feeling incredible

Brooke Lindsay 9/03/2016

I know what you’re thinking, is waking up feeling incredible even possible? I’m here to tell you it can be done. By following these tips you could be on the way to becoming a morning person!

Not often do most people wake up at the crack of dawn and feel incredible. We’re often more inclined to roll over and hit the snooze button. With the right mindset waking up feeling great can be done. You just have to be sure to take care of your body. Following a routine for your body to get used to is also very important.

1. Waking up

While that extra ten minutes of sleep might seem like a good idea, you’re probably doing more harm than good. Studies show it’s much easier to wake up the FIRST time. As soon as your alarm goes off sit up and turn your lamp on. Have something to drink, hydrating your body will help you slowly wake up.




2. Up and at ‘em

Once you’re up, do some stretching. Warming up your body by stretching help gets the blood flowing around your body, helping you to wake up. The best way to wake up is with an energising cold shower! Having a cold (not freezing) shower is not only going to wake you up but is great for your skin and hair.

Having a cold shower is also time efficient because you won't want to be there for too long, unlike a warm or hot shower.

3. Breakfast

There’s nothing worse than going without breakfast. Not eating communicates to your body that you haven’t started your day yet. You’ll feel lethargic and tired. Grab a quick and healthy breakfast, that you preferably made the night before.

If you have time why not do some light morning exercise. Exercising in the morning makes you feel much more productive throughout the day, even if it is only light exercise. Stick to this routine and within the month you’ll love waking up and getting your day started!

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