3 Tools That Make Your Job Easier Just By Using Air

Zaina Parekh 14/10/2016

Air as an element is often neglected because we assume that all we need air for is breathing and flying. In reality though, air is used for several other tasks in many different forms. One such form of air is compressed air which we use on a daily basis. It is used to work tools and equipment that reduce the manual or physical labour we put into the tasks we do.

Three such tools that are complete essentials include:


#1. Automotive Air Compressors

Most of us use a car everyday, be it your own car, an uber or a taxi. Cars as a rule of thumb run on tyres and tyres are filled with air. Did you know that before compressed air was invented, tyres were made of wood and coated with leather for increased softness? Now with automotive air compressors however, we refuse to realise the importance of air. We fill our tyres and ride away, without realising that the weight of the entire car, and everyone in it is actually just supported by air. This mechanism has made transportation that much more efficient, by just using air.


#2. Sandblasters

Can you imagine sprinkling pesticides on a large farm by hand? Or trying to cover your entire backyard with sand for a beach themed party? Doing these things manually can take hours. Especially sprinkling pesticides on large farms; walking around the field with a bucket of powder, under the sun or in the cold and manually sprinkling it around. However now that we can find sandblasters for sale, this task involving intensive manual labour has turned into an easy one. Just fill the equipment with the pesticide and turn it on. The blaster uses compressed air and sprays the contents at high speed so it reaches larger distances, while you sit and watch.


#3. Paint Sprayers

A photo posted by Zean (@zean.lugtu) onOct 4, 2016 at 9:14pm PDT

When we’re on a window seat in a train or tram and are driving past a wall full of graffiti, we never fail to admire the work. We wonder how long it must have taken, the precision, the art, the meaning behind the image and so on. In some cases, we see rather large images that sometimes cover an entire building. Imagine painting all that with a paintbrush, it could take weeks if not months. With an air compressor paint sprayer however, it would take somewhere close to half the time. The base colours are monotonous and so can be sprayed on quickly, the tones may have to still be painted using a paintbrush - but that is also becoming less common. We can find different sizes of spray paints, so large areas as well as minute details can all be painted using those. You fill the paint in the container and let the air spray it out.

Maintaining these tools has never been easier either. With air compressor tools and accessories available so freely and at affordable prices, everyone can easily own one. Instead of slogging around and spending that much more time and money on daily tasks, these tools with a one time investment make so many of them more efficient just by using air. People always say “work smart, not hard” - this is the perfect example to support this phrase.

Let’s not take air for granted anymore and start appreciating the little things that make everyday that much easier.

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