3 Ways To Conserve Water And Electricity Without Having To Cut Down On Daily Use

Zaina Parekh 12/10/2016

After air, water and electricity are the two most important resources. We literally can’t live without water. Did you know that the average daily water consumption in Australia ranges from 100L per person in some regional areas to more than 800L per person in city areas? This results in an average daily water consumption of 340L per person. Similarly with electricity, Australia is among the top 5 highest consumption countries. In 2014, the average household electricity usage in Australia was 5,817 kWh per year.

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Contrary to popular opinion, water and electricity are not disposable resources. Although around 70% of the Earth’s surface is made of water, water is a soon going to become a scarce resource. Saving water helps to preserve our environment. It also reduces the energy required to process and deliver water (saving electricity), which helps in reducing pollution and in conserving fuel resources. Concurrently, saving electricity in important because the natural resources that provide sources for electricity are being consumed faster than they can be regenerated. Conserving electricity also saves money.

When asked, the most common forms of conservation of water and electricity include but are not limited to:



  • Don’t keep the tap running while brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Fill the sink with water to wash dishes instead of washing them under a running tap
  • Use the stairs instead of an elevator
  • Shower with a bucket instead of a hand-shower


  • Dress according to the weather rather than using heating or cooling systems
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Shut doors and curtains when using a heating or cooling system
  • Fix leaks so there is less water wastage
  • Run the washing machine with cold water


Although, these aren’t always the most convenient. Sometimes we forget, sometimes we’re running late and can’t be bothered, while sometimes it’s just too much trouble. When we think about it later though, we feel guilty.

Here are 3 ways you can conserve water and electricity without having to compromise on daily use or affecting your everyday routine.


#1. Water Conservation

Two simple ways you can conserve large amounts of water without having to turn the tap off every few seconds are:

Install A Shower Screen

The shower is where most of the water is used per household. Sometimes we just want to take a nice long shower without having to feel guilty about wasting water. By installing a glass shower screen you can reduce the amount of water used in your shower. This way, less water is splattered all across the bathroom and is more focused on you. You still spend the same amount of time in the shower, but still end up using less water in the end. By doing so, you also reduce the amount of effort it takes in mopping your bathroom dry. If there is no water on the floor, you won’t need to run the fan for too long, in turn also saving electricity.

Install A Shed For Your Car

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Another task that uses up a lot of water is washing your car. We park outdoors which means the car collects dirt, bird droppings, leaves that fly off trees and the like. By the end of the week, the car becomes so dirty that you have to wash it thoroughly at least once a week. If you place steel garden sheds above and around the area where you park your car, you can limit the amount of dirt your car collects. The less it is exposed to the open, the cleaner it will stay, resulting in fewer washes and hence saving water. Fewer car washes also means lesser effort and fewer chores put in from your end.


#2. Electricity Conservation

The problem with electricity is that it is not self-generating. It is generated by using fuels that are not only running out, but are also very harmful for the environment when processed. Continue using the same amount of electricity you use on a daily basis, but instead of using fuel generated electricity install portable solar panels.

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Solar panels capture energy directly from the sun and convert it to electricity. These panels save energy during the day so it can be used at night once the sun has set. In a certain sense, this is as close to self-generated electricity as we can get right now. The more fuel we conserve, the better state our planet will be in.

And just like that, without having to cut down on daily use you can still save water and fuel-powered-electricity daily. It may not seem like much but if we all start doing these things, in the long run they could accumulate enough to last several generations after. In the short run, you also substantially save up on bills.

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