3 Ways to Nail Buying Your Guy a Valentine’s Gift He’ll Love

Sheridan Hessing 12/02/2016

Trying to buy for the man in your life on Valentine’s Day is an absolute minefield of trying to navigate bad cliches. Whilst women really do receiving like flowers, perfume and jewellery, men aren't usually as hyped when they receive jocks, undies or a hardware voucher. So what can you get them that he’ll actually like - and won’t end up on the floor or at the back of the cupboard?

1. Make It Personal

This can be just as easily be translated to anyone, but making sure that you know your partner well enough to pick some he will care about is vital. It’s simple, but essential. Giving him a watch from a brand he hasn’t heard off, compared to giving him a watch from a brand that he LOVES can be the difference between an average gift and an awesome gift. Items such as sunglasses and wallets usually mean a lot more when they’re from the right places as well, it’s all about the logo!


2. Make It Memorable

What’s that thing about memories people are always saying? Oh yeah, they last forever! If you want him to think about this Valentines Day for years to come, considering doing something rather than buying something. Activities don’t have to be expensive, full on, or even that far from home! You know your partner best - would he rather an action packed 3 days of hiking and exploring , or just a day trip to a spa retreat to chill out? The kicker is, you’ll probably get to go too, so it’s fun for both of you (provided you don’t hate his interests - let’s hope you don’t!).


3. Make It Practical

Much more than women, men relish items that they can use to aid their hobbies and get them closer to where they want to be. A new shirt is nice, but unless your guy is super fashion focused, it’s unlikely it’ll excite him that much. He keeps saying he wants to try out 4WDing? Grab him a pair of driving lights so he can keep on going after night fall. He’s heading away camping with his mates this long weekend? A swag is really easy to set up and take down, making his trip away less stress. And bonus, he’ll be reminded of you every time he uses it!

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