3 Ways You Should Spoil Yourself If You’re Sick This Winter

Coleen Paller 19/07/2016

Winter is here, and so is a barrage of flus, colds, coughs and general illnesses that seem to plague everyone at this time of the year. The worst part is when the illness gets serious enough that you’re having to stay at home and miss out on work, school or social events. That can get very boring and lonely pretty quickly, which is only made more miserable by the symptoms you’re suffering from.

As you’re putting up with an illness, you deserve some comfort right at home to help you through until it goes away and everything is back to normal. Here are some ways you can treat yourself like royalty when you’re sick at home this winter.


1. Get A Massage

Not everyone has an in-house masseuse (and if you do, you’re too lucky) and pestering family members or housemates for a massage is not ideal. Therefore, a massage chair or pillow is the best option. While laying back, sore and weak, one way to work energy and motion back into your muscles is a massage. It only gets better if you’re also watching your favourite series or even starting a new one on an online streaming program or device.


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2. Use Aromatherapy/Steam

If your nose is blocked or your airways are fairly congested and breathing is difficult, steaming certain oils and vapours will help unclog them, as well as provide a calming, relaxing effect. The best oils tend to be chamomile, frankincense and lavender, which also promotes sleep. All you need is an oil burner or a diffuser (for those easily overwhelmed by smells). If you want something stronger, buy a steamer and add the oils to its water refills. If you’re not too cold or shivering, you can always try adding them to a steaming, hot bath that will relax your body and your muscles while emanating amazing smells.


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3. Order Food From Home

You’re sick, and it isn’t all the time that somebody is there to cook for you. Spoil yourself by ordering food from home, there are plenty of delivery options out there. Even better, order food that will help ease colds and flus, such as heavy soups, pastas and warm drinks. You’ll thank yourself later.


More and more people are getting bogged down with winter illnesses, and it is bound to happen, but you don’t have to suffer through every minute of it. Make a normally frustrating time into something more like a short holiday or break where you can enjoy yourself some.

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