4 Amazing Ideas For Making Your Own Decor Space Anywhere At Home

Author : Coleen Paller.  Published on : 3/08/2016

Sometimes, if there’s simply too much blank space in our home, it can look quite empty and isolated. The good news is that you won’t have to buy lots of furniture or get renovations to have more space to display your decor in. You can use the most simple of items and pieces to make a display spot that you can garnish and place anywhere.

It’s easier to have these decor spaces as they can be moved whenever needed to fill new areas and create a great atmosphere.


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Bar Stools

Bar stools, especially with a dainty table cover can be a very portable design space where you can put one (or two) display elements. The most standard choice is a white gas lift bar stool, so you can change the level and height of display to your preference, and the colour suits almost any background. Look for wooden bar stools for sale in stores for your space for a very earthy, neutral feel to any setting.


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Storage Baskets/Trays

There’s so much to rave about when it comes to storage baskets. Sitting by themselves in any room, they look amazing already, and you can basically fill them with any decor combination to become a complete aesthetic piece. Try filling a basket with vintage pieces such as wooden clocks, mason jars and even figurines. There’s so much potential.


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Hanging Decor

Don’t have space against the wall or on the ground? Why not use the space from your ceiling and attach hooks that can hold decor? Hooks can hold anything from hanging plants to lights and small chandeliers, garnishing any space with a dash of glamour.


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If you have some unused hooks at home, you can always use them to hang any extra decor, such as frames, dangling chimes and organisers. This is a great alternate option to attaching hooks to the ceiling, for those who are a little cautious of puncturing their ceilings (or are simply not allowed to).


Storage doesn’t always mean having plenty of storage units, more shelves and more tables. Be creative and use unusual areas or portable spaces for more versatile decorating options.

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