4 Benefits Of Taking Your Little One Outdoors

Zaina Parekh 22/08/2016

It is a well known notion that fresh air is important for the human body, we’ve all heard someone or the other say that throughout our lives. But did you know, that fresh air is way more important for your little one than it is for you? Being exposed to fresh air, and not just through a window, but physically being outside from a young age carries benefits that last a lifetime.


#1. The Daily Dose of Vitamin D

The sun is the best natural source of vitamin D one can get. Exposing babies to the sun from an early age allows them to get their daily dose of necessary vitamin D which assists in bone strength and lowers risks of cancer in the long run.


#2. Prevents Nearsightedness

Research suggests that babies that are exposed to the outdoors from an early age are less likely to have problems with nearsightedness in the future. Save your cutie’s face from being covered under glasses, they’ll thank you eventually.


#3. Keep Them Mentally Happy

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors allows the brain to get its daily dose of fresh air preventing the risk of hyperactivity or depression in their early ages and then forever.


#4. Get Them Used To Staying Outdoors

Today, one of the hardest parts of dealing with growing children is getting them off the couch and out of the house. They prefer watching TV or playing video games all day instead of playing outdoors, which proves to be very harmful for their physical and mental health. Put them in the habit of spending at least an hour outdoors everyday from a much younger age, so dealing with them in their childhood is easier.

  • Children that play outdoors have longer attention spans and are less likely to act out of bounds than those that play video games or watch TV all day
  • Playing outdoors prevents childhood obesity
  • It enhances your child’s imagination and creativity
  • They make more friends and learn how to interact with people in their natural setting


These are just a few benefits of keeping your little one outdoors from a young age, I’m sure your baby books have way more. So don’t waste any time, buy a sturdy pram online (if you have to) and take the little one out for sometime everyday from the get-go!

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