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4 Cheap Design Hacks For Upgrading Your Bedroom

Coleen Paller 29/07/2016

Changing your bedroom design and making a big aesthetic impact doesn’t have to warrant a renovation or thousands of dollars in furniture shopping or painting. A few tasteful touches that catches the eye is the main element that would need focus. Of course, make sure to also clean and declutter the area to maximise the visual effects that you are about to put into place.

Here are some quick design ideas so you can upgrade your bedroom within just a day and make a big difference.


1. Photo Line

Not only can this be a decor aspect but it can also be a lighting source in your room. Attach hanging lights across one wall (or maybe even two) of your bedroom and attach printed photos (polaroids are even better) between gaps. In the evening, you can switch off your main light and let the hanging photo lights be your lamp.


2. Bedside Table Decor

More often than not, people’s bedside tables are quite plain, they are bought, placed somewhere and that’s it. If you have a small white bedside table or a white wooden bedside table, you can always put contrasting decor such as a runner in a deep shade of another color. A black bedside table with drawers, on the other hand, can have pastel and cream-coloured runners.


3. Fluffy Rug

Do you hate the feeling of a cold or hard floor (or carpet) under your feet when you get up in the morning? You can always fix that by putting a fluffy rug by your bedside in a plain or colourful design that matches your room. It will be a highlight of your day to feel something soft and fluffy first thing in the morning.


4. Matching Vases

While a lot of people opt for a single vase in any one area of their house, there is something uniform and innovative about having several vases on display next to each other. Choose matching vases (or even mason jars) and fill them with flowers or with scented oils and sticks as a diffuser and put them on display in one area or on one table.


Try these ideas and see how quickly they can transform your bedroom. You know it’s working once you retreat to your bedroom and seeing them makes you smile.

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