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4 Design Hacks That Will Take Your Backyard To The Next Level

Coleen Paller 9/08/2016

Whether your backyard is small or large it can still feel rather overwhelming to fill up such an empty space, especially when all it has is a few patches of grass and some other bits and bobs. Designing a backyard space effectively is not about just filling the space completely, it’s about having a few tasteful and well-placed touches spaced evenly.

If you do this, the design elements will have a maximum impact on your backyard setting and transform it into an immensely beautiful area.


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The Right Outdoor Setting

Any beautiful (or plain) backyard can be ruined by a simply monstrous or bland set of outdoor chairs and tables. Make sure to pick an outdoor wicker lounge or a 9 piece outdoor setting that is not only tasteful and sleek, but comes in neutral colours that will compliment its surroundings. A natural feel or earthy colors are the easiest options if you are aiming for a versatile design.


Decor Ladder

Yes, a ladder can be the ultimate decoration. It isn’t the ladder itself but the idea of using it as a platform for several hanging decorations all at once. A smooth, wooden ladder (the wider the better) has several rungs in which you can hang plants, lights, small figures and even decorative jars. The possibilities are endless.


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String Lights

Having lighting in your backyard shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to install. Simply set up posts or bare potted plants around a certain area that you want to illuminate and wrap hanging lights around them. Solar powered lights are even better as they require no energy source from within your home.


Bird Bath

If you are sick of having to clean bird baths because of the constantly dirty water or mould (or you don’t have one), you can easily attract more birds with less mess by filling it with bird seed instead. The more beautiful birds are in your backyard, the more relaxing it would look.


Keep these ideas in mind the next time you look at your backyard and sigh- it’s about time to take it to the next level!

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