4 Easy Hacks That Will Save The Day In Case Of A Power Cut

Zaina Parekh 9/08/2016

Living in big cities in the 21st century, power cuts can be very frustrating. We are all so reliant on our devices and gadgets that if our phones or laptops die, we feel almost “handicapped” without them, we feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Power cuts also mean no lights, no heating, no cooling - even your refrigerator stops working.

What if the power goes out in the middle of the night and your little one starts crying because of the discomfort from the heat or cold? How long are you going to wait for the power to come back on? You have to get enough sleep to sustain yourself throughout the day too. In today’s day and age, it is almost vital to own a quiet inverter generator as a backup in case of a power outage. It is a common misconception that generators are big and noisy - in reality getting smaller, portable generators for sale has never been easier. It’s a must-have product. It is easy to use, and link to the main circuit board and most importantly, avoids any inconvenience caused by the power outage.

A few other quick hacks to ensure the least trouble during a power outage include:

1. Keeping Flashlights Handy

Even if you have a generator, getting to it at night with no light can be quite a task. Always stock a working flashlight in your bedside drawer, one in the living room and one in the kitchen to avoid injuries during a power outage.

2. Making Sure Your Power Bank Is Charged

In the event of a power outage, you need to be even more connected with others. If you leave your phone to charge on a wall socket in your room while you are elsewhere and you get a call, you will likely miss it. It can be someone trying to make sure you’re okay - but if you don’t answer because you don’t have your phone on you, it’s just going to make them worry that much more. Keep your phone on you, and connect it to the power bank if its needs charging.

3. Keeping The Refrigerator Door Closed

Even with an inverter, running a refrigerator can use up a lot of its power. The best thing to do in the event of a power cut is to keep the refrigerator door closed unless you have to open it to remove something. If the door is kept closed, the cold air won’t escape as easily and your stored food will stay fresh for longer.

4. Using Candles

This not only creates more light and warmth, but also a nice mood. Power cuts don’t always have to be stressful, there is no harm in enjoying the peace and quiet for a while while enjoying a glass of wine in candle light with your partner. Make the most of the power outage and you won’t even realise when the power really comes back on.


Stressing is the last thing you want to do in case of a power cut. Stay prepared and informed and handle the situation like a pro!

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