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4 Easy Ways To Increase Seating Space In Your Home

Zaina Parekh 9/08/2016

There are so many holidays around the year in addition to the celebrations that are special to you; birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. You want to celebrate these with your friends and family, be it over a nice home cooked dinner for your guests, or an evening of drinks and music. Each time you make your guest list, you hesitate after a point because you know you can’t seat everyone you want to invite. If you invite some and not the others, it’s going to look bad and awkward excuses will be made, causing unnecessary stress. You can’t buy a bigger couch or table, because at all other times you don’t want such big furniture crowding your living space. What happens now?

Here are 4 solutions to this constant dilemma.

A Living Room In The Garden!

With summer around the corner, it is highly likely that furniture stores are stocking up on new designs that will be placed at discounted prices for quick sales. Invest in an outdoor lounge set which will not only allow you to invite those additional guests, but also adds a new dimension to your lawn this summer - without crowding the indoor living spaces. Discount outdoor furniture is a great way to solve this battle between space and long guest lists.

Small Outdoor Furniture

Sometimes you just want a small table with a few more chairs - but can’t accommodate that in the living or dining room. Easy! Use your patio or lawn space. Add a small outdoor table and some patio chairs to accompany it and there you have it. An outdoor dining area not just for those few extra guests, but for you and your family to use on a bright Sunday morning too.

Have You Considered Stackable Chairs?

At times, you realise that your dining table is big enough to accommodate a few more, but you don’t have enough chairs for everyone. You can now buy stackable dining chairs online. Unstack to use on occasions and then restack and pile them up in the store room or the garage so they don’t cause any inconvenience in your everyday living space.

Just Around The Couch

It’s not always about the table - because it’s not always a dinner party. Sometimes, you just want to call a few friends over to celebrate over drinks and some nice music. Have you considered getting ottomans? They are a great asset in creating more seating space around the couch, so everyone is together. At the same time they are compact and convenient enough to pick up and move around to place elsewhere in the house can can be stored in the garage when not in use.

So stop fighting your inner ‘Monica’ because of something as small as seating space. Throw that party and rest assured that your guests will be happy!

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