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4 Innovative Office Designs To Upgrade Your Company’s Look

Coleen Paller 1/08/2016

Most offices tend to look the same nowadays, they all have the same modern look with chairs, desks and a hint of colour. While there is nothing wrong with that, incorporating a distinct taste and aesthetic to your office is essential in order to make it a place your employees and visitors would love seeing everyday.

The idea behind effective office design is to utilise a few key design elements that can make a loud statement and express the aesthetic that you want.


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1. Centerpiece

Pick a centerpiece for your office that will catch the eye when people first enter. It could be a large chandelier, a statuette or even a portrait that is very tasteful. Bombarding your walls and spaces with many decor pieces can not only make your office seem gaudy, but will also make it appear crowded and ‘noisy’. Have a center design element that will bring the area together.


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2. Ambient Lighting

Choose a great lighting setup that will transform your office from a drab space to a very atmospheric area. Warmer lights usually promote a cheerier tone and can bring about a welcoming atmosphere.


3. Fancy Office Chairs

Chairs are an office staple, make sure to buy white boardroom chairs that are sleek and have the right contours to give your office a classy, but professional feel. As your office and meeting rooms will be filled with chairs, it is one of the themes that will be noticed first. White leather office chairs or black mesh office chairs are common options that tend to suit any interior and colour scheme.


4. Game/Hobby Area

Liven up your office space with an element of fun that gives it a feeling of light-heartedness. It could be anything from a small gaming corner with a pinball machine or a ping pong table down to a more traditional chess setup. Not only is it a great piece of decor that will show how your office values a bit of fun, but is also something your employees can use and enjoy during breaks or after hours.


Everyone loves an office with taste and style, as they stand out and make a memorable impression. Keep these elements in mind, as they will benefit everyone for many years to come.

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