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4 Interior Hacks From Our Aussie Experts

MyDeal Team 25/10/2016

If you are looking for a way to refresh the look of your home but don’t want to spend big bucks, that is completely understandable. You don’t need a whole renovation team to breathe new life into your home, you mainly need to concentrate on a few key aspects and areas that will make a big difference. Take it from our Aussie interior experts, they have a few ideas on how you can easily transform your home interior.

1. Get rid of appliances and items you haven’t used. – Furniture Fetish

“The best way to clean up is to shed items that you are not using or have not used in a few months or during the year. This will help clean up cluttered areas and also makes room for the new.”

About Furniture Fetish

Furniture Fetish manufacture and supply high quality indoor and outdoor replica and original furniture. With an emphasis on quality and service Furniture Fetish has a variety of unique furniture pieces.

2. Invest in a robot vacuum for when you’re cleaning. – David Fry, Owner of Whiter Smile


“Our top Spring Cleaning tip is to rush out and invest in a robot vacuum, my personal preference being the Roomba. It may seem like a bit of a gimmick but we can have ours set to vacuum every day while at work and our floors are always spotless. Spend that extra time with family and friends!”

About Whiter Smile

In 2005 Whiter Smile became one of the first online stores in Australia to specialise in the production of sale and effective home teeth whitening systems. Having now helped over 100,000 Australians, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and honesty, to bring you fantastic results with our award winning products

3. Clean and reposition bigger items first (they're more noticable), like your bike. – Joseph, Customer Service at Reid Cycles

“It's all about priorities. Clean your bike first, then the rest of the house if you have time.”

About Reid Cycles


Reid Cycles are Australia’s favorite bicycle shop with factory direct pricing for unbeatable deals! Reid Cycles design bikes in Australia and sell direct through their own stores so you get the best value.

4. Look out for discounts on new décor (replace large items with compact decor!). – Branislav Supa, CEO and Founder of Milano Republic

“We offer the best possible prices to all of our customers and offer them great discounts so our valued customers can save and make purchases before Christmas.”

About Milano Republic

Milano Republic is a premier importer and distributor of fine home furnishings in Australia. They import Replica Designer furniture, leather lounges and outdoor furniture at the best possible prices. Therefore, with them you don't pay distributor costs, high retail rent and other unnecessary fees.
Their merchandising and marketing efforts are aimed towards providing a great selection of styles of good quality at competitive prices, quick delivery to the consumer and strong customer support. They don’t believe in maintaining costly and fancy showrooms in the middle of town and because of that they are able to pass the savings to you the customer.

Their mission is to provide not only an extensive collection of home furnishings and accessories to their customers, but also outstanding customer service and satisfaction as well. They have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and wholesaling of furniture in Australia so they feel that this experience helps them select the best value for money pieces of indoor and outdoor furniture and home furnishings.


Start using these hacks to get things done and changed around the house quickly. Sometimes it takes a little bit of creative thinking and a slight change in perspective to be able to drastically improve your interior’s overall aesthetic. Make sure you have all the décor, tools that you will need.

Good luck!

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