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4 Makeup Looks to Wear This Summer

Stephanie Kalatzis 4/11/2015

Summer is here! It’s that time of the year with long days, warm nights and hot beach days - The last thing you want on a humid or hot day is a layer of thick foundation that just melts away and appear oily within minutes out in the sun. Summer should be all about simple, soft, glowy makeup and here are some of my holy grail tips to beat the heat on your face this summer!

1. The “Natural” Makeup Look

Whether you’re going to the beach or just feel like embracing the all natural look with minimal makeup products. Concealer will be your best friend this summer, find a concealer that matches your skin colour and use it to hide any shadows, blemishes and spots making sure to blend it seamisly. Even a couple of strokes of waterproof mascara will brighten your eyes making them appear natural.

2. Bronzed and Glowy

Summer is all about sun kissed skin. Achieving a bronzed glowy makeup look can be simple with a lightweight BB cream as the base, remember to not over do this look as it’s best to keep it natural looking. Finding a bronzer and highlighter in one will give you a stunning glow for summer, apply a shiny pink nude lip to match this look.

3. Soft and Rosey

This look requires minimal makeup to achieve a soft natural complexion. Use any lightweight foundation with a rosey shiny blush, pink lips and some mascara.

4. Keep it simple

For a simple makeup look this summer that doesn’t look boring, use a bronze eye shadow palette on your eyelids with a white shimmery shadow for your inner corner of your eyes. This eye look is perfect with a shiny lip, bronzer and mascara.

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