4 Morning Habits Of Successful People

Coleen Paller 6/07/2016

Success isn’t measured by your job title or your salary level- sometimes it is best measured by the way you feel when you go into and leave work everyday. While it’s normal to feel tired around this time, it’s all about having that feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small, at the end of it all.

So how can you feel more successful? Shifting your mindset and making yourself more comfortable in the mornings can make a massive difference. Try these tips and see how you feel.


Drink Tea Or Juice

While many people seem to opt for coffee more often than not nowadays, tea can still have a similar effect in awakening your senses, but isn’t as addictive. Juice is also the same, but with stronger flavours for those more inclined to natural, fruity flavours. There’s also an insane variety of tea flavours to try, you don’t have to go with traditional.


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Wake Up Slowly

I know, you’re already grumbling at the idea of having to wake a little earlier, but shocking your body out of sleep by forcing yourself to get up right away can just disorient you. You’ll feel dizzy, very sleepy and tired. Try waking slightly, then grab something to keep your attention for a little while, whether it be a book, your phone or tablet, and do some reading, listen to music or watch an entertaining video. After a few minutes, when you feel more awake, then get up.


Have A Morning Affirmation

This doesn’t have to be corny, I promise. Is there something like a personal goal or a goal at work that you need to get done? Better time management? An errand? When you’re alone, just say it to yourself or type it and read it several times on your phone. I will be done a little before 5. I won’t yell at other drivers today. I’ll smile a little more at work. I won’t run back to bed. See?


Clean/Groom Yourself

Nothing will wake you up better than the feeling of being fresh and clean. If your shower is just a depressing place where you go in like a zombie, consider redesigning and looking at shower cubicles for sale. It’s actually quite easy to replace your shower, and it’s all worth it when you feel like a king (or queen) when showering in the morning before work or the previous evening.


When much of our week is spent at work, it’s important to take care of ourselves too, including our mindset and moods. If you already feel less stressed heading in and out of work, you’re already a lot more successful than a lot of people out there who trudge on. Think success, be success.

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