4 Quick Storage Hacks For Your Living Room To Make Life Easier

Coleen Paller 8/08/2016

While it seems almost impossible to find more space within your living room for everything, this is not necessarily true. There are many ways for you to place subtle storage solutions around your living room to accommodate all your needs and prevent any more clutter in general. You don’t have to get a whole new unit of drawers or boxes for it, don’t worry.

These are all small changes that make a very big difference to the space of your living room. Keep these tips in mind and soon enough your living room will look tidy and minimal all the time.



A leather round ottoman is quite plain and useful, but what will serve a better purpose would be a long ottoman with storage. These act not only as a footstool but also an extra storage chest where you can subtlely store some items without anyone knowing any better. A leather black ottoman is the easiest colour to buy as it suits most interior backgrounds.


Remote Sleeve/Holder

If you are one of those that get worried about dirtying or scratching your remote, make sure to purchase a sleeve for it, which can be found at most department stores. These plastic sleeves keep your remote safe but still visible. Otherwise you can store them in remote racks that will keep them all in one place.


Table Hooks

Remember the hooks you would get to attach to your wall for hanging things? They can do so much more. Get adhesive hooks that will attach at the side or under your table (optimally the same colour as the table) and use it as a holder for wires from your devices. Whether you slip or wind wires around them, it’s up to you. Wires can be a messy sight.


Bowl/Multi-level Tray

If you or anyone else in the household snacks often, you might find it useful to place a multi-level tray or a large bowl on the main table for all the snacks to be stored. This is so they wouldn’t be left or scattered all over the table or any other piece of furniture in the living room.


The living room makes the first impression on most guests and visitors and should be one of the most relaxing areas of your house. Keep it neat and tidy and it will serve you well.

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