4 Surprisingly Easy, Innovative Ways To Save Energy At Home

Coleen Paller 3/08/2016

With winter well upon us, the increased usage of heaters and other warming devices around the house can definitely put a spike in electricity bills. While it is completely understandable that everyone is trying to get warm inside their homes, especially in the evening, there are ways you can balance out your spiking electricity bills.

While you use more energy for heating, concentrate on saving electricity through other means elsewhere in the house. This can also work well for you all seasons of the year if you tend to use an air conditioner during the summer as well.


Power-saving Boards

These things are a gem. Not only do they offer auto-off settings when power is not being used by anyone, but they accommodate several power plugs at once so you can save energy on all those appliances. In some areas in Australia, the government even hands these out for free through agents, all you have to do is sign up, there is usually one free unit per household.


Solar Panels

If you want to cut off a major part of your electricity bills, consider looking at portable solar panels online. There are plenty of solar panels for sale that you can set up yourself at home and attach to high-energy appliances. Folding solar panels are the best option if you are looking to save space around your home.


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Central Heating Panels

Pay attention to the way your central heating spreads through your house. They are usually built with panels that can be sealed and opened with manual control. When turning the heater on in your house, check all the rooms and if some rooms are empty (or will be empty for a while), seal the panels there. This is so that more heating will flow to the occupied areas of the house, meaning you’ll only need it on for less time.


Forget The Dryer

If you often use a dryer or pay for a dryer to get your laundry dried, forget that and use your own central heating system. Set up drying racks right by your panels so you can dry your clothes while warming your house at the same time.


Just because the weather is at an extreme, it doesn’t mean your electricity bills have to be as well. Keep these tips in mind when you’re working with your appliances, and you’ll be smiling at your bills later.

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