4 Things You Absolutely Need When Watching The Footy

Coleen Paller 19/07/2016

With winter coming upon us, so is the season for the AFL. It’s a bit of a wonder as to why a game played in the middle of winter in the blistering cold has players in sleeveless shirts and short footy shorts. But maybe that’s the challenge of it. Either way, while some are making their way to the stadiums to watch the matches, it’s also not that surprising many choose to stay at home and see the games from inside their warm houses with friends.

So how does one truly maximise the footy experiences with mates, a few drinks and a large telly at home? Here’s how.


1. Drinking Games

Don’t let the drinks just be a sideline, or something to fill your stubbies. Let them be a part of the game and start a drinking game with footy visual cues. Cues can be anything from behinds, rushed behinds, strange umpire decisions all the way to six pointers. It will be all up to you. Of course, make sure to drink responsibly at home and around children, the best way to have an area all to yourselves in the evening!


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2. Beer Buckets

Say goodbye to long trips to the fridge (it seems long, anyway) during the game and even on breaks by bringing all your beer to the living room. If you have an Esky, fill it with ice and set it next to the couch, or if you want a nice touch to your living room table, use a traditional wine bucket instead. That way, chilled beer would be available right in front of you throughout the whole night.


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3. ‘Break’ Olympics

Ads and breaks are annoying, and sometimes you may not enjoy the halftime events. Conduct a ‘break’ olympics with friends, a list of tasks you would normally need to do on a break, and see who can finish them all in record time. It can anything from listing a toilet run, making a snack, checking on the partner, letting pets in and out, or even checking your emails. Try not to break anything in the process of the rushing.


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4. Bar Counter

If you feel a little more fancy and your TV is large enough that you can see it well from a distance, have a bar counter. Imitate a real bar and have you and your friends on kitchen bar stools to serve drinks to. People can take turns being the bartender making and mixing drinks. Make sure that you have a variety of alcohol and a few recipes up your sleeve.


Watching the footy doesn’t have to be the same every year. A little bit of inventive thinking and fun can turn seeing the AFL games with mates into a truly memorable experience you won’t forget (no matter how much you drank).

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