4 Things You Need To Upgrade To Survive The Winter

Coleen Paller 4/08/2016

Winter is here and it seems like it’s wanting to stay for a while. When the rain and the chilly winds come, it’s all too tempting to just run back home and hibernate in bed for the rest of the season. At least, until spring comes. Though sadly, that usually isn’t the reality and we have to get out there and brave the cold.

But there are many ways to brave the cold without making it any harder for us. Pay attention to sources of heat and how you can make them more effective while increasing your comfort.


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Getting cold feet can actually make it harder for you to keep the rest of your body warm. Don’t be surprised if you are still shivering even when you’re in thick clothes. Especially if you have a wooden, tile or marble floor, sometimes socks are just not enough. Invest in thick, fluffy rugs in places you often linger in around the house so you can stay warm.



If you have a single bed doona or a double quilt, you might want to upgrade to a queen size doona or king size quilt. It sounds a little ludicrous at first, but it makes sense if you think of warmth. One size higher won’t overload your bed but will definitely provide extra material for warmth. Make sure to also get a thicker doona if you’re moving up a size.



While you may have many jumpers and jackets, think about your undergarments. Invest in fleece clothing, or at least thermal materials for all your short sleeve and long sleeved shirts that sit underneath your outer layers. The foundations in layers are important and plays a key role in retaining warmth as it is in direct contact with your skin.


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Portable Heater

Many people put up with an old portable heater simply because it is what they are used to. Don’t be afraid to invest in a stronger, newer portable heater that consumes the minimum amount of energy. You might just save yourself from the cold as well as a spike in your electricity bills.


Winter doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you’re ready for it.

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