4 Ways To Free Your Hands From Constantly Carrying The Little One

Zaina Parekh 18/08/2016

Just as adorable and cuddly as they are, the little ones are also very demanding of attention and sometimes you get tired of constantly having to carry them. Its nothing to feel bad about - everyone’s thinking it and no one says it out loud. As soon as you put them in the crib or on your bed they start crying and the minute you lift them back up, those crocodile tears dry up. They just don’t like lying on their back all the time.

But that doesn’t mean you have to keep carrying them either. Here are a few ways in which your little one won’t have to lie on his or her back all the time. There are many possibilities like using high chairs, bouncers for babies and many more. 


A Baby High Chair Isn’t Just For Meal Times

Like the name suggests, it’s a high chair for babies. It provides enough back support for the little ones to be able to sit up straight without tumbling over so they aren't in your hands, but not in their cribs either. Baby high chairs often come with attached tray tables so you can leave a few toys on them to keep the little ones distracted. They are high enough that even after being seated, the baby feels closer to your face (as if he or she were lifted). High Chairs are most often used to seat babies while they are being fed - but you don’t have to limit their use to just meal times.


Not Just A Cradle, But A Cradle Swing

Despite not liking lying on their backs, babies still do love being rocked back and forth. So apart from just lifting them all the time, you have to cradle them in your arms too? Look for baby swings online or in store that will work to your taste and you're all set! It is exactly what it sounds like, a swing for babies, a lot like their crib, but it allows them to sit up instead of lie on their backs. This solves both problems together. It keeps them safe, comfortable and entertained too.


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Activity Centres That Help In The Development Process Too

As your little one develops their hand-eye coordination, response to sounds and cognitive functions all develop too. At this point, it can become very difficult to keep them constantly occupied. A solution for that could be an activity centre for babies. These are stand alone, easy to move around, play stations for your baby with a seat for them to be buckled up to. Now you don’t have to carry them around and keep your hands occupied. You can simply seat them in their activity centres and watch them play by themselves.

There are several varieties of activity centres for babies, you can get one that resembles a beach setting (where they could learn the names and sounds of different fish), a forest setting (with animal sounds and figures) or a city setting with cars, buildings, shops and more. Activity centres now also feature bouncers- these are seats that bounce and cradle your baby through the baby’s own movement patterns. These are completely hands free for you!


Baby Carriers - For Those That Just Can’t Let Go

If you’re one of those parents that doesn’t like putting your baby down but still want your hands to be free so you can do other things simultaneously, baby carriers are the way to go. They are like backpacks you can wear, but instead of books you seat your baby in it.Your baby stays close to you at all times but your hands are free to do whatever else you need to. Look for reliable baby carriers in Australia if you are impatient so you can get them within just a day or a few days.


There you have it. Happy Baby, Happy Mommy (or Daddy)! Try them now!

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