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Brooke Lindsay 16/05/2016

We all want to care for our skin and maintain our youth. However, the natural aging process is continuous and unstoppable. That’s why it’s important to take preventative measures now and to slow down the natural aging process.

The aging process usually begins during our mid-twenties so it’s important to start being proactive about caring for our skin at an early age. There are a number of contributors to our how our skin ages, one being our genetics and another being environmental factors. If you want to start taking control and preventing premature aging keep reading for 5 ways to keep your skin looking youthful.


If there is one step in your skin care routine you should never miss, it’s moisturising! Moisturising is going to help keep your skin plump, full and wrinkle free. Choose a good moisturiser with active ingredients but ensure it’s suited to your skin type. Moisturising will help balance, soothe and calm the skin. I recommend the Dead Sea Moisturising Day and Night Cream. They are therapeutic creams that work together to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Exfoliate once a week

It’s important to always be gentle with your skin. You don’t want to strip away your skin's natural oils. Therefore, you should avoid harsh chemicals and refrain from having long, hot showers. They will strip your skin's natural oils, giving you dry skin which leads to premature aging.

While it’s important to be gentle with your skin, don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating once a week ensures you’re removing all the dead skin cells from your skin. This allows for the rejuvenation of new skin cells and gives you a youthful glow. I recommend using the Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion Exfoliator, which delicately exfoliates the skin to clear pores and promote healthy skin.

Protect against environmental factors

The sun is a great source of Vitamin D. In moderation, the sun is essential to maintaining a healthy body. However, overexposure to the sun can have major effects on your skin including:

• Premature aging
• Wrinkles
• Sun/age spots

However, that’s not the worst of it. Exposure to the sun without protection can lead to something much more serious; skin cancer. It is so important to protect yourself from the sun, even if you don’t think you’ll be in the sun for long or at all. Always apply sunscreen that offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. If you’re going to be in the water use water resistant sunscreen and remember to reapply! I recommend the Aquasun SPF 50+ Sunscreen which is a very high protection sunscreen to help block UVA & UVB rays and is water resistant for up to 4 hours.

Take the right supplements

We’re lucky to live in a day and age that is well educated on healthy living. Having a well-balanced diet, not smoking and taking the right supplements are all very important. However, there is no point in taking supplements that your body doesn’t need. The supplements will simply exit your body when you urinate. So it’s important to choose supplements that work and are beneficial to your body and skin. Fish oil and hair, skin and nail supplements are beneficial to your skin's health.

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