4 Ways To Make Your Lawn Look Amazing This Spring

Zaina Parekh 4/08/2016

As spring approaches and the summer gets even closer, it becomes that much more important to maintain your lawn. Your kids are going to want to play outdoors, you may want to sit back on a sun-chair and get that natural tan.

Here are 4 easy ways you can maintain your lawn and make your neighbours want to peek over your fence:


Let The Roots Get Some Fresh Air

Have your kids wear their football spikes and run around the lawn for a while, if they insist on you joining, throw on a pair of ‘aerating sandals’ and crack open that dry winter ground. This will enable the plants to breathe, creating a stronger root system. It will jump-start the growth spell this spring.

Overseed Thin Spots

If you observe patches that have dried up way too much or have almost died off (probably because of under-watering, but also the cold), stock those patches up with a few extra seeds. Rake off the dry, dead soil and scatter the seeds with enough water to keep them moist for a while. This way you can boost the growth of your lush lawn for the spring.


This is probably the most important step to maintaining your lawn and will accelerate its growth this spring. As the winter subsides, your plants are bound to be dehydrated. They need constant watering and care at daily constant intervals. As annoying as this sounds, the easiest way to achieve this without taxing yourself too much would be to use a water pump. If you’re worried about your children tripping over the bore pump and falling, get a submersive water pump - this way, they will only pop up when your lawn needs to be watered, at the times you set.

Something New

Squeeze in a little pond or small swimming pool if your space permits to stir things up a little bit from the last spring and summer. Then you can leave the cleaning and maintenance up to a pond pump and get the praises from your guests for yourself!


Aerating and Seeding are one time activities, but the watering and cleaning is an everyday task; there is no need for you to add that to your busy to-do list anyways. These simple tricks should turn a few heads towards your lawn every now and then.

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