4 Ways To Save Water Around The Average Household

Zaina Parekh 7/10/2016

Did you know, that the average amount of water each one of us consumes at home per day is about 340 litres? At this rate, experts are predicting longer and more severe droughts in the future.

Lets try and make a change with these simple water conservation tricks to use around the house.


#1 The Well Known Ones

There are a bunch of basic water conservation tricks that we all learn in school and within our communities.

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the tap when soaping your hands
  • Turn off the shower when soaping your body or hair
  • Fill the sink with water to hand wash dishes as opposed to a leaving the tap running
  • Cut your showers short
  • Don’t run the washing machine unless there is a full load

These are just a few things that we are taught to do, however there are so many more that we should do.


#2 Control The Flow Of Water In Your Sink

Many times, when brushing your teeth you know you should turn the tap off but just get lazy or forget. Even when washing dishes, you know you should fill the sink with water instead of letting the water run, but it’s just easier to wash the dishes under running water. Install a high pressure water pump and limit the flow of water. Even if you have the tap fully open, you will use less water if the internal flow is controlled.



#3 Make Watering Plants More Efficient

Using buckets and buckets of water to water your lawn or backyard is not necessary. It just uses a lot of water, and your plants don’t even need all that much. With buckets, the water doesn’t even flow that far which means pouring a bucket per plant. Instead use a transfer pump for water to transport water from one place to another and at the same time control the flow of water. Turn it to high pressure so the water flows further and faster, so more plants are watered despite less water being used.


#4 Be Prepared For Fires

As soon as we think of a fire related incident, our first instinct is throwing water at the fire to make it go out. However, it is not about the amount of water you throw, but the pressure you throw it at. Buy a fire fighting pump for sale and be prepared for emergencies. Extinguish the fire while saving water.


These are just a few tips that can conserve water around the house, there are so many more. For the benefit of the environment, we should be paying more attention to being economic with our water.

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