4 Ways to Spend This Mother's Day

Brooke Lindsay 5/05/2016

We often stress about the perfect gift to get for the perfect Mum on Mother’s Day. However, Mum usually just wants to have a relaxing day with loved ones. What if you simply show her how much you love and appreciate her on this special day?

While our Mums love getting presents and spending time with their friends and family. They also love their quiet time, that why this Sunday should be a day for mum to be able to wind down and relax. If your Mum needs some downtime, this could be the best thing you could give her on Mother’s Day. Give her a blanket, her favourite book and set her up somewhere cosy. Make sure you’re on call to make her cups of tea and give her foot rubs because she deserves it!

You can also think about some activities that your mum would love to do this Mother’s Day and make it happen! Rally the whole family together for some creative fun and games. Make her laugh, show her some love and make this Mother’s Day one she’ll never forget!

1. Go on a trip

Calling all Dads! Why not pack a weekend bag for everyone, put mum in the car and drive. This trip doesn’t have to break the budget. It could be a weekend in a different city exploring or a simple trip to grandma’s house. Spending some time away from the worries of the house and work can be a great little treat for Mum! It’s also a good idea to give mum some time to read a good book or catch up on some sleep at some stage.

2. Bring an exotic location to Mum

Mum’s dream might be to visit Paris one day. While you might not be able to visit Paris, you can bring Paris to Mum! Setting up a checkered picnic rug on the lawn with some French bread and croissants for breakfast would be such a sweet gesture. Cut some fresh flowers for Mum and play some French music! To top it off, learn a few French words and make the experience truly authentic.

3. Pamper her

Mother’s Day should be all about mum. She will definitely want to spend some quality time with everyone but she might also want some time alone. A good idea is to spend the morning with mum, make her some breakfast in bed, shower her with your love and then give her some time to relax. At some point, she is going to want some alone time to rest her mind and body. Buy her a spa voucher or simply give her some time to soak in the bath and call some friends; she will love you for it!

4. Relax in the garden

Mum would love to enjoy some tea and cake in the garden with her family. After your morning brunch, you should surprise mum with some seeds or flowers to plant in the garden. If she has some extra space in the garden you could create the ultimate Mother’s Day piece. You’ll be spending some quality time with Mum in her garden and creating a gift that keeps on growing!

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