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4 Ways You Should Spoil Yourself At Home This Winter

Coleen Paller 4/07/2016

With how advanced technology is nowadays, there are many appliances at home we can now rely on to provide beauty services we usually have to go out for. The winter cold is lingering, and it’s easy to lose motivation to head out and drive to places such as salons and facialists. Or maybe no matter the time of year, you just can’t be bothered driving out anyway.

Rest assured, you don’t need to leave your home to make yourself look and feel better, whichever season it is. Have you ever considered getting these done at home instead?


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Do Your (Gel) Nails

The prices for nail salons are only getting higher, and sometimes there can even be a longer wait just to get your nails done. Consider setting up a nail station within your home, complete with decorations such as glitter, stickers and bead accessories. If you want your nails to really last, purchase a UV Gel based nail polish and dryer for more durable nails.


Have Your Own Spray Tan Done

Here in Australia, tanning is already difficult and dangerous due to the high levels of UV rays that come from the sun. The way to get a healthy glow and look warmer is now best done through artificial tanning methods in order to keep the skin safe and reduce the risks of skin cancer. Get a spray tan machine for home use, and with a few youtube instruction videos you can give yourself a warmer look for much less at your convenience.


Get A Massage At Home

Don’t just make yourself look good, it is also important to feel great! We all know massages can be so relaxing that you feel like falling asleep in the middle of it all. If your masseuse is at home, then that would be all too easy. Invest in a massage machine (or even two if you really want to spoil yourself) for your body, especially your back and neck and soon you would be looking forward to going home every night.


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Treat Yourself To A Mani/Pedi

Your nails don’t always have to sparkly or colored, that isn’t always everyone’s style. But everyone can agree that neat, clean nails look good on anyone and shows how well groomed you are. Pamper your hands and feet with a home spa machine to keep them smooth, clean and soft to the touch.


When it comes to getting pampered at places like salons and facialists, most of our money goes to the transport, paying extra fees and maintenance. But at home, not only does it save on costs but everything works on your time and mood, no booking and driving required!

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