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5 Changes You Have To Make Your Desk To Reduce Stress

Coleen Paller 28/06/2016

Going to work or to your study with the same desk and environment constantly can greatly affect your mood. Especially if your desk is very bland or is long overdue for a change. It is a scientific fact that constructing important environments such as our home or work space with care makes a difference to our stress levels. Have you been neglecting your work space to the point that it seems to be sapping your energy away?

The truth is, you don’t need hundreds of dollars and an interior designer to immediately improve your desk, all you need is a bit of motivation and some creative ideas.

1. Display A Motivational Saying That Is Close To You

Is there a proverb or quote that you will always remember from a treasured family member or friend? It’s easy to get just any inspirational quote from anywhere (half of them don’t even make sense most of the time), but you have to choose one that matters to you. Just any inspirational quote can quickly get boring for you if you’re staring at it for hours everyday, but a personal inspirational saying is one you’ll take seriously as it’s familiar to you.


2. Have A Photo Of A Goal In Your Line Of Sight

Are you saving for a holiday or a new designer bag? Or do you want to get something special for friends and loved ones? Have a photo of what your major, long-term goal is (or short-term if that’s your style) wherever you can always see it for a quick burst of motivation when you’re working.


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3. Place A Small Diffuser In A Corner

Engaging in your sense of smell in a positive way can greatly improve your mood. Place a small diffuser in a corner of your desk where there is the least risk of it being toppled over or for the scent to move towards another person’s space. While it’s good to have your work space smelling wonderful, your co-workers may not always share the same opinion.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere....#clocks #farmhousekingman #farmhouse

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4. Avoid Big/Several Clocks

If you work with a computer which always has a clock looming at the corner of the screen, you can’t really help it. But, it’s actually quite common for some people to have a small box clocks or chic clocks on their desk. While it can look stylish, having such a big reminder of the time only adds to your stress. Clocks can make you feel as if time can be sluggish or too rapid, of which neither is healthy, and it’s worse when there’s several clocks or a large one.


5. Treat Your Keyboard...With A Fancy Placemat

It’s no surprise most desks are flat, hard and can sometimes have sharp corners (causes of pain and calamity). Your arms are always on these surfaces, especially when using your keyboard. Purchase a tasteful placemat or a fluffy one (or both) to cushion your arm and add some personal flavour to your desk.

Your desk is not just a workplace, it can be a supportive environment, a partner in work if you make it to be one.

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