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5 Easy Ways To Give Your House A Makeover For Under $100

Coleen Paller 26/09/2016


(Top Left: Byron 3 Seat Black Leather Couch with Chaise Lounge, Top Right: Industrial Metal Black Cage Light Pendant - Small, Bottom Right: Double Size Fabric Upholstered Bed Head in Grey)


Everyone loves improving their home, but the truth of it is that not everyone has the time to commence a complete renovation or buy thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture. Just thinking about it can give many people a headache. But you don’t need all of that to make a big difference to your home’s overall aesthetic look. They key to making a tasteful difference is concentrating on centerpieces and other important design elements that most people would notice in a room.

You can apply this to almost any section of the house and once you have the key elements in mind, they’re the only things you have to change and upgrade to bring a new feeling to your home. Have you thought about making some changes or installing décor in these areas?



As one of our senses, scent can definitely make a difference as to how someone perceives an area. If you know how to effectively scent all of the areas in your house then you will succeed in creating a unique atmosphere. Set up diffusers around your home or even oil burners. If flames are a little too risky for you, there are electric wax burners that function without a flame and a majority of them cost under $100. Wax or soy melts come in so many different flavours that you can make your home smell like anything, from the ocean waves to even a fresh bakery.



Do you want to upgrade your bedroom? Rather than worrying about what décor or frames you have on your tables or on the wall, why not work on the main feature of your bedroom? That would be your bed. Give your bed an ‘oomph’ and pair it with a great frame that will simply make your bed look so much more grand than it used to be. The traditional colors to get would be black and grey, though of course if you feel like you can keep it clean, try a more traditional cream or white.


Light Centerpiece

Many people decorate their room with plenty of effort, but stop at getting a single ceiling light and a lamp. Make the lighting room in some of your rooms absolutely special by making its main light source look tasteful or elaborate. You’d be surprised to find out that you can get pendant lights online and even small chandeliers for less than a $100. All you’ll have to worry about is installing them yourself and then your new light centerpiece will be ready.



It is simply amazing as to how much difference a rug can make. This is simply because floors are a large, mostly vacant space that we forget to furnish since we are so focused on our standing furniture. Cover up large, blank floor spaces and compliment them by getting the right shape and colour of rug. The safest way to go is to choose a neutral colour rug such as brown, black, navy or grey and pick a shape and size that matches the overall shape and layout of your specific room. If you have a traditionally rectangular room, a rectangular rug would be perfect, though you can experiment as well with other shapes and designs. Also make sure that the rug matches your sofa lounge, especially if it would be resting underneath one, even partially.


Artistic Centerpiece

Rather than trying to buy many types of décor that might just end up cluttering your space, concentrate your budget on a single artistic piece that will capture and hold attention. There is definitely a truth to the adage that ‘less is more’ and it does apply to design. It can definitely be something directly related to your taste or personality. It can be anything from a large intricate vase to a large reindeer mount. As long as it expresses your interest and unifies the room, it is perfect.


Throw Blankets

This can possibly be one of the most versatile yet useful type of décor. Throw blankets can come in many designs and colors that you can simply drape over sofas and chairs to add a quick design over it. The best thing is you can shift it many different types of furniture if you simply need a style change or even use it yourself in colder weather. Pick a throw blanket in a design or colour that you prefer and drape it over any pieces of furniture that you would want to look cosy.


If you are worrying about how to upgrade and change your home’s overall aesthetic, try not to focus on the overwhelming aspect of it and make a list of these points. Choose something for each of these elements and start on them one by one. Gradually, you would make such a big aesthetic difference without even realizing it!

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